Hemp & Choco

€ 6,50

Hemp & Choco

€ 6,50

A soft, creamy blend.



Now to order; delivery from November 10, 2016

Een primeur in Nederland: Dutch Harvest hennep thee van Nederlandse bodem. Een lekkere, gezonde thee van de duurzame ‘vezelhennep’ plant. Deze Hennep thee Hemp & Choco is wel de meest bijzondere in het assortiment.


Previously, they were simply thrown away, the shells of the cocoa beans. But guess what? They give a nice creamy flavor off as 'infusion' with hemp tea. The rose petals we add a mild sweet flavor.


Taste: Creamy, soft, sweet.


Ingredients: Hemp Leaf, flours and seeds * (70%), rose petal **, cocoa pods and star anise **.



Shake the bag just to let mix the spices
Use 2 tablespoons per gallon of water
Pour boiling water
Let steep for 5 to 7 minutes.
* Our hemp tea is completely organic.
** All added herbs are bought by certified as organic. As we repackage but this weather we can not officially carry the organic certificate. All the herbs are completely natural and contain no added or flavoring.

Content: 40 grams